Over the past 30 years, Ladyslipper has received so many interesting comments from readers and customers -- as well as from those who aren't, and never will be. Here are just a few of them!

"Y'all are absolutely incredible!!!! I placed my order online Sunday night, and today (Wed.) Mr. UPS delivered it! The order was complete (and is being happily ęconsumed' right now. :))) Thanks to whoever got your web site completed and also to the little 'elves' who pack orders. BTW, these comments are from a lifelong (i.e. since the brown 4 page catalog in 1976) Ladyslipper fan and customer. :) Keep up the great work!"

"I just want to thank you for existing. You've changed my life..."

"Today I received my first Ladyslipper Catalog. I don't know how you found me - I'm very glad you did. I was feeling down about some difficult news. What better way to lift my spirits than shop for up uplifting music! Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. I'm glad you found your way to me out here in rural CT - miles from a wimmin's music store!"

"I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to remove me from your mailing list. I do not appreciate being on your mailing list because I don't feel that the material is appropriate for people who do not wish to remain homosexual... I really do not know why I even asked you for a catalog in the first place. I use to be a homosexual but I've been washed clean by the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth."

"I miss the testimonial pages that you used to put in your catalogs - they were a hoot!"

"Did you know that most women musicians, artists and performers from 1930-1970 have FBI files? I've been asking for them and getting them. Why don't you make a list of 2 or 3 dozen and see for yourself?" (Unsigned, no return address)

""I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking you for truly outstanding, exceptional, excellent service. I ordered almost all of my holiday gifts by mail this year, and Ladyslipper is by far the most dependable place I've ordered from. A couple of places, from which I had requested 2nd Day, only sent out my orders after I had called several weeks afterward! But with Ladyslipper, when I request an order to be in by a certain date, it is!... Also, throughout the years, you've always been extremely helpful when I've called requesting certain information. So thank you so much for your very excellent, friendly, dependable, feminist service! You're wonderful!"

"I'm writing to tell you just how much I really appreciate and enjoy the catalog. I'm a 15 year old lesbian, and I really don't much like ordering women's music at local outlet stores, let alone taking that Fem-2-Fem or Holly Near tape I might find (they actually do have a stack of Fem-2-Fem singles at the WALL here... wow. How progressive! How daring! How they stare at me when I pick one up!) up to the zit-faced-minimum-wage- earning-ex-Gap-slave-cashier. I have a teensy problem with confrontations. So having your catalog on hand is a real relief... I haven't ordered YET, because I'm kind of short on cash right now, but I can't WAIT til I have some and then you all better look out!"

"This is one of the best music catalogs!!! (Best variety.)"

"I wanted to tell all of you how great I think Ladyslipper is. I can't imagine the kind of work that goes into running a business that runs as smoothly as yours. When I visited Ladyslipper over a year ago it felt great and everyone made us welcome in a new town. Thank you for keeping it alive. And happy 20th."

"Hey, great to have you online! Your catalog is one of my favourites, it's nice to be able to explore it virtually too. Keep up the great work and the cool web site."

"What a pleasure doing business with such an ethical company!"

"What is the Ladyslipper Catalog worth to me? Let's see... Twenty minutes wasted trying to find one product of value. At least 20 dozen false spiritualities I don't need. Your artists are chasing their tails! There is but one truth in this universe and it is God the creator - we may not like the truth - but we are not at liberty to make up our own! I pity you. It appears you will suffer God's wrath.* I wish all could be saved! Please remove my name from your mailing list! *Rev 21:8, Romans 1:21-32, Romans 2:1-9, etc. Check it out!"

"What I like about Ladyslipper is that you'll find everything from Yma Sumac... to Billie Holiday. I found some stuff that I'd been searching for for quite a while... albums that I thought were out of print, as well as my favorites... My recent order from Ladyslipper went through flawlessly. The phone staff was knowledgeable and efficient; they knew what they had in stock and what they were out of, and I received my order, correct and complete, promptly."

"Thanks for sending me the catalog, which is full of wonderful records, as usual, that I never see in German shops."

"The Ladyslipper Catalog continues to be a source of great pleasure in my life. Your selection is fantastic and the reviews and listener line are a great help. It sure solves the CD buyers remorse that we've all experienced. Thanks for being there!"

"I am neither lesbian, militant feminist, or oppressed minority. I am a member of the now-maligned white, straight, traditionalist middle class. Please remove my name from your mailing list."

"You are a goddess-send to the women's community and to all humankind at large. Thank you for all the years of excellent music and service and for the chance for women to be heard, whether in song, book, video, art or craft. Y'all are the absolute greatest."

"You and your beautiful catalog have played a special role in my life... A friend in Seattle passed along an extra catalogue to me about 3 » years ago. In that time, I've only been able to order 3-4 times because I have very little disposable income, but each time, I have ordered an exciting feast for myself. I spend days deciding on exactly what I'd like with the $ I have to spend. I pour over the catalogue again & again, making sure I get just the right music! Your detailed descriptions, all the woman-identified music, the proud feminist & lesbian statements - it makes the catalogue feel like a magazine rather than just a catalogue! Thank you!" (The writer then listed 20 beautiful Affirmations for Ladyslipper.)

"Thank you for being there! I don't know where else I'd be able to find such wondrous music - especially since I'm still in the 'cassette era', no CD player yet. You guys are the very best!"

"I don't have much extra cash these days but I'm enclosing a few extra bucks. I always love ordering from Ladyslipper! Thanks for the great service!"

"Dear (?) ??? Whatever you are, take my name off your mailing list. What a sick catalog. God forgive you. Leviticus 18-20, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body."

"I just wanted to say thanks. I knew there had to be a place to find great music. I look forward to going broke with all the stuff you offer."

"I am a womyn who got out of 21 years of sadistic abuse since birth just 2 » years ago. I am healing, I am telling, and I have figured out I am worth buying music for by other strong amazing beautiful womyn. Send them quick ęcause I got some dancing to do!"

"I am very impressed! You have a wonderful (web)site... it has been book-marked and I plan to access it frequently. In particular, I am in awe of the fact that I can sample music on-line. Obviously a lot of work has gone into this site. I will recommend it to my friends."

"So, I'm not really a web girl, but I just got your print catalog -- have I died and gone to heaven? I'll have to send in my order cause my card is maxed, but I just wanted to say -- go, girls!"

"I've been enjoying your catalog ever since I got on your mailing list. It offers a lot of material I would not otherwise be able to easily locate, if at all, in my local music stores. (To say nothing of exposing me to artists I might not otherwise know about.) The reviews are great."

"Do not ever again send me anything that promotes homosexuality and lisbianisn."

"Dear Ladyslipper, I love you. I gave one of your catalogs to my mother, and now she loves you too. I had NO idea that there was so much great music by women out there."

"As always, thank you for being there as a resource and a lifeline."

"About the biblical 'chapter-and-worse'-spouting 'right-wingers' on your quote page: one day at least one of these poor creatures will open their Bible to the 'Song of Solomon' by accident and be shocked out of their skins. And they won't even be able to blame you."

"Take my name off your mailing list! I do not agree with all this 'New Age/ alternative lifestyle' goofiness. Ladyslipper is a goofy, goofy, goofy catalogue."

"I think I know some of the straight-laced Christian zealots. Probably the same ones who scratched the paint off the side of my new car and carved 'DYKE' on the hood of Sheila's Jeep! Bless them."

"Why are some people so threatened by your catalog? I am simply amazed."

"I don't know how I got on your mailing list, but thank you! I had no idea such a resource for women's music, especially pagan, existed."

"To all the Beautiful Women at Ladyslipper, Damn you're good! I don't know how you do it! I was so excited when I received your catalog that I almost ordered the 3 k.d. lang CD maxi singles, until I realized that I don't even own a CD player! But I do own a VCR, so here's my order."

"I love your catalog. Don't let the bigots stop you from offering great feminist, mehn's, and lesbian music."

"I can't believe it! I ordered a CD electronically on Monday, and on Wednesday it is already here! I wouldn't have thought that possible! Thanks for continued great service."

"Thanks for a delicious catalog. I love poring over it and planning future purchases. One of the nice things is I can order CD's as gifts for my partner and know she'll share them with me! Is that cheating?"

"I have no idea how I got on your mailing list but remove my name immediately. I do not want your kind of filth in my home. You perverted queers should by law, be placed on a deserted island and left to rot. The only support I would ever give to your queer organization is a loud three CHEERS if your building and all contents burned to the ground."

"When I read those comments in the catalog from the hate mail you get, I just have to laugh, as I hope you do. But just know that for every one of those letters there are hundreds more who think you are wonderful for the work that you do, and I'm one of them. Thank you!"

"One of the Readers' Comments in your recent catalog caught my eye (and raised my bile as well). Not to bring up bad things, but it's the one that says: 'I am neither lesbian, militant feminist, or oppressed minority...' I'm not sure why this one angered me so much, but I'd like to add my version... "I am neither lesbian, feminist, or oppressed minority. I am a member of the now-maligned white, straight, traditionalist middle class. And I thank the goddess that a Ladyslipper catalog found its way to my door. Nowhere else had it been possible to find the breadth of music represented here nor the talent that so often goes overlooked by the traditionalist group. There are no words kind enough or joyous enough to express how the Ladyslipper catalog and the artists herein have changed my life."

"I guess I fit the description of this person whose comment you included in your catalog (see above), but I found the catalogue really interesting and fun to look through. I applaud you."

"I'm not a lesbian but neither am I traditional. I like swimming against the current. Anything to break what keeps womyn bound up in white man's tradition, I just about do it. I came across a saying a few months ago -- 'Only dead fish swim with the current' -- and I am not a dead fish."

"To hell with all those bible-thumpers, I think you're great! I haven't been able to order from you before and may not be able to again for awhile but as someone who is lesbian, feminist and therefore an oppressed minority, I definitely will again in the future. I am in the sticks to boot, so I appreciate your catalog more than you realize."

"I rarely write letters but when I read your readers' comments (especially comments from so-called Christians) I knew I had to write you to tell you what this Christian thinks of your catalog. This Christian thinks that your catalog is absolutely wonderful! It's a goldmine! The only problem I have with this goldmine is that its exploitation is making me go bankrupt. But I guess that's my own fault."

"As a straight Christian white male I would like to say that I think your catalog is terrific. If there are items in your catalog that I don't like (and there are), I turn the pages until I see something I want. There's something for eveyone."

I just received my order from you yesterday and, as usual, it made my week. My girlfriend and I can't afford to order from your delightful catalog very often, but always enjoy it when we do. Thanks so much for simply being there as a resource."

"Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. I am one of your devoted gay 'mahn' customers and always look forward to receiving each catalog... I cannot praise your company enough for its selections, friendliness and prompt delivery... I continuously tell my friends about your company... I'll be looking forward to celebrating your 40th Anniversary."

"Wow, am I glad you have a Website! It's already bookmarked. I am a great fan of your catalog... Now if I can just win the lottery so I can buy all those CD's I'm dreaming of! I will be sure to spread the word about Ladyslipper Online. Thanks for providing a great service."

"The following is directed towards the so-called Christians who made all those hateful comments. I'll come out of the (straight, white, middle-class) closet right here. I must confess...I'm NOT a Lesbian. Even more shocking info follows. I'm actually married to a man and I like it that way! Hmmm...Isn't that a song title? However I AM a Dianic Witch, Radical Femminist who is heavily into Womyn's Music. My closest friend who is also my Circle Sister, is one of them there real-life Lesbians (you have to watch out for 'em or they'll try to recruit us normal people!), introduced me to the wonderful world of Womyn's Music and who woulda thunk it, turns out I absolutely love Lesbian folk music. Oh, and I'm definetely NOT one of those "normal people,' so I guess I'm safe from the advances of the EEEVIIL Lesbians. My favorites are the Rainbow Womyn's Choir, Ubaka Hill and Triple Crescent. The Burning Times has become a regular part of our rituals. I also really like Testimony by Ferron. When I'm finished I just might end up with the largest collection of Lesbian/Folk/Witch music of any straight Womon. And, by the way, not all the artists in the Ladyslipper catalog are Lesbians. Zingaia's CD's are definetely about Female-Male sexuality, although I've discovered that a lovesong is a lovesong. Keep It Up! I'll certainly keep ordering from you. I hope I didn't offend anyone, except those above-mentioned Christians. I was just trying to point out the ridiculosness of the assumptions they made and also to give all of you a good chuckle! Please feel free to print this. I wish everyone at Ladyslipper the Brightest of Bright Blessings!"

"I love the internet music line and listen to it all the time. I didn't have to listen very long to end up with a list of music I want to acquire. I recently ordered a couple of cd's that I would never have thought to order had I not heard them first on the radio and I just love them (Varttina & Medieval Babes). Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou and like someone else said, You go girls!"