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In This Issue: April 2012 
•   National Women's Music Festival presents Kay Gardner's A RAINBOW PATH! - June 30, 2012
•   Jennifer Berezan - HOME
•   Ubaka Hill & Teresa Trull coming to NC! April 19 & 20, 2012
•   Ruthie Foster - LET IT BURN
•   Kay Gardner's MOONCIRCLES - now available for download!
•   Loreena McKennitt - TROUBADOURS ON THE RHINE
National Women's Music Festival presents Kay Gardner's A RAINBOW PATH! - June 30, 2012
The 2012 National Women's Music Festival announces a special performance of Kay Gardner's A RAINBOW PATH on June 30, 2012, near Madison WI.

A Rainbow Path was released by Ladyslipper Records in 1984 and premiered at the 1988 National Women's Music Festival. This prolific work, which took Kay 8 years to create, was a significant contribution to the burgeoning field of Music and Healing.

The 2012 Rainbow Chamber Orchestra will feature 15 instrumentalists, conductor and choral drones, including original performers from both the Ladyslipper recording and 1988 NWMF performance.

To see a short video and to learn about the fundraising campaign for this special performance, click here:

Also performing at the festival: Holly Near, Mary Watkins, Toshi Reagon, Jamie Anderson, emma's revolution, Melanie DeMore & many others. We hope you'll join us there - mark your calendars now!

Click here for complete NWMF festival and ticket info!

Kay Gardner - A Rainbow Path
Ubaka Hill & Teresa Trull coming to NC! April 19 & 20, 2012
The Infinity Diamond Club - an inclusive social empowerment organization solely dedicated to fostering Unity, Fellowship and Friendship within the community - is bringing two of our favorite artists to the We Are 1 Women's Conference in Durham NC!

UBAKA HILL - performer, composer, songwriter, Ladyslipper recording artist, motivational speaker, conference weaver, teacher and facilitator - Workshop & Drumsong Orchestra Performance - April 19

TERESA TRULL - returning all the way from her new home in New Zealand to her hometown of Durham NC - guest performance at Celebration of the Arts, along with Yaniyah Pearson and Aleah Long - April 20

For more info on the Infinity Diamond Club, visit http://www.infinitydiamondclub.com/

and the full We Are 1 Women's Conference:

For individual ticket info for Ubaka & Teresa, click here!

Ubaka Hill & Teresa Trull tickets, Durham NC, April 19-20
Kay Gardner's MOONCIRCLES - now available for download!
Speaking of Kay Gardner... we still get lots of requests for her debut recording MOONCIRCLES, which has been out of print for some years now. So we're very happy to announce it's finally available for download!

This evocatively beautiful and classic album of flute compositions is an ancient remembering of a golden age when temple priestesses danced by moonlight, & when women's strength & wisdom were revered and celebrated.

Originally released in 1975, it showcases her mastery of both the instrument and of compositional music. Much of it is an ancient and Sapphic mode, and perfect for meditation or love-making. Also includes three vocal tracks: "Changing," "Beautiful Friend," and "Wise Woman." Classical guitar accompaniment is by Meg Christian, piano by Althea Waites.

Click here for MOONCIRCLES downloads - individual tracks or full album!

Kay Gardner - Mooncircles
Jennifer Berezan - HOME
This sublime 2012 recording continues Jennifer Berezan's signature mix of emotionally rich poetic songs, original guitar work, warm production, a collection of esteemed musical friends, and themes that touch on 'home as everywhere' and the internal realms of the heart.

Find new titles from Jennifer Berezan, Judy Collins, Ani Difranco, Amy Ray, Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt, Kate Clinton, Melissa Ferrick and more ...

at Ladyslipper Music by Women!

Jennifer Berezan - Home
Ruthie Foster - LET IT BURN
A 2012 release from this soulful vocalist, Let it Burn is a deeply intimate recording: a smoky mix of original songs coupled with inventive interpretations of an unexpected collection of covers - ranging from Adele to Los Lobos, and from The Black Keys to Johnny Cash.

Recorded in New Orleans at Piety Street studios, with a small group of A-List musicians that includes George Porter Jr. of the legendary Meters, this album takes the listener on Ruthie's most personal journey yet.

With her deeply moving vocals at the core, Ruthie is supported along the way by some very special guests - gospel legends The Blind Boys of Alabama and Stax Records soul man William Bell.

The best in New & Classic Women's Music ... at Ladyslipper!

Ruthie Foster - Let It Burn
With her refined harpestry, angelic voice, and melodious compositions, Loreena McKennitt infuses Celtic and New Age sounds with a mix of influences as diverse as Moroccan, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Native American, and Italian.

When Loreena released her last recording, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, in 2010, she visited several countries to help promote the album. During the "promotional tour" she performed an hour long concert in the studios of German radio station SWR1.

Accompanied only by Caroline Lavelle (cello) and Brian Hughes (guitars), who have long been part of her tours and recordings, she draws material from her entire career, such as the epic fan favorite "Lady of Shallot." This is Loreena at her most intimate.

Find Loreena's new CD & much more, at www.ladyslipper.org

Loreena McKennitt - Troubadours on the Rhine
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