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In This Issue: Autumn 2012 
•   Holly Near - Peace Becomes You (2-CD Set)
•   Melanie DeMore - In the Mother House
•   emma's revolution - Revolutions Per Minute
•   Cindee Grace & Band - Songs of the Goddess - freebie!
•   Jon Arterton & James Mack - Legally Married ... and the sky didn't fall!
•   Amazon Thirty-Five - watch the slideshow & order the CD!
Holly Near - Peace Becomes You (2-CD Set)
Holly recently went back into the studio for the first time in several years. She had so much new material, she went ahead and recorded twice as many songs as would fit on one CD, figuring she'd save half of them for a future release.

Fortunately for us, the results turned out so well that she decided not to wait - instead gifting the universe today with a brand-new 2-CD set. These 28 songs represent Holly's distinctive songwriting, as well as material written or sung by artists such as Bernice Reagon, Irving Berlin, Jacques Brel, and Ferron.

Showcasing the wide expanse of Holly's stylistic virtuosity and her musical interests - love songs, standards, timely reflections on our world ... all with conscience, some with humor, all in her unique, strong voice - this reflective, tender, passionate, joyful, thoughtful collection is sure to warm your heart and stir your soul.

Order Holly's Peace Becomes You 2-CD set ... here!

Holly Near - Peace Becomes You
emma's revolution - Revolutions Per Minute
Speaking of Holly, her sometimes co-performers Pat Humphries & Sando O, known as emma's revolution, also have a new recording!

It's an electrifying soundscape of their characteristically rousing and soulful songs of social conscience, in settings from intimate acoustic to full-on funk.

As engaged and engaging as ever, their song titles and subjects range from "Women Say No" to "Not My War" to "Occupy the USA."

View the New! ... emma's revolution, Bonnie Raitt, Amy Ray, Ruthie Foster, Jennifer Berezan, Melissa Etheridge, Loreena McKennitt, & more!

emma's revolution - Revolutions Per Minute
Jon Arterton & James Mack - Legally Married ... and the sky didn't fall!
Jon Arterton co-founded the proudly gay acappella group The Flirtations, and sang with them for decades. He now conducts The Outer Cape Chorale, Provincetown’s 140-voice community chorus.

James Mack was once a licensed Southern Baptist minister. For many years he owned a b&b in Provincetown, and now performs wedding ceremonies for couples LGBT and straight.

Here's their 14-song collection of inspiring songs about love and courage, performed by Jon and James, who legally married in Massachusetts in 2005 – and the sky didn’t fall!

New Music ... from Jon & James, Esperanza Spalding, Norah Jones, Ani DiFranco, Mary Chapin Carpenter & more!

Jon arterton & James Mack - Legally Married ... and the sky didn't fall!
Melanie DeMore - In the Mother House
Many of you already know Melanie DeMore as a founding member of the Grammy-nominated Cultural Heritage Choir, an acappella percussion-driven ensemble, specializing in African American roots folk music.

This singer-songwriter has a remarkable (and very, very, very low) voice - a voice, in the words of Linda Tillery, like warm melted butter - with which she weaves the fibers of African American folk music with soulful ballads, spirituals and her own original music.

This graceful and elegant solo recording contains the songs Melanie sang to her sister Drena while she was passing from this world onto the next. Deep not only in voice, but in emotional and spiritual resonance as well, the collection embodies the sacred on every level.

Whether you have recently experienced the loss of someone you love, or are preparing to - or simply want to wrap yourself in the inspired work of an exceptional artist - this very special recording may be the perfect one to speak to you, comfort you, lift you, heal you, and strengthen your spirit.

Music by Melanie DeMore ... Hills to Hollers, a collaboration between Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery & Barbara Higbie ... & more!

Melanie DeMore - In the Mother House
Cindee Grace & Band - Songs of the Goddess - freebie!
Songs of the Goddess celebrates nature-based spirituality with a women's band playing Cindee's original songs with reggae, Latin and other contemporary styles.

It was released back in 1983, at which time wise women such as Merlin Stone, Kay Gardner, Z Budapest and other notables proclaimed the album to be "pure good humor and very upbeat. Don't miss this collection! ... her rhythms set toes to tapping and her lyrics lighten the heart."

You'll find this recording on our New Titles page as a regular listing. But for a limited time, we're offering a freebie copy when you order 5 regular titles from Ladyslipper. What a deal - don't wait!

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Cindee Grace & band - Songs of the Goddess
Amazon Thirty-Five - watch the slideshow & order the CD!
Here's an amazing and inspiring slideshow of images from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - featuring a powerful version of Maxine Feldman's song "Amazon" (featuring Toshi Reagon, Judith Casselberry, Cris Williamson, June Millington & others) - the song that opens the festival annually:

(You may view it right from this email - look to the bottom and click on the arrow to play.)

The CD, which features the music of the slideshow, plus 7 additional hot and fabulous versions of this classic song, is an absolute must-have for uplifting the spirit and celebrating our culture - and it's available at Ladyslipper!

Find the finest Music by Women in the world ... at

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