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In This Issue: Happy Spring! 2013 
•   Sweet Honey's tribute to Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Odetta, & Abbey Lincoln
•   Ladyslipper's #1 for 2012: Holly Near - Peace Becomes You
•   Joan Armatrading - Starlight
•   Melanie DeMore's In the Mother House - & all Top 10 of 2012
•   Toshi Reagon - There and Back Again
•   Simone Dinnerstein & Tift Merritt's new collaboration - Night
Sweet Honey's tribute to Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Odetta, & Abbey Lincoln
"Live - Jazz at Lincoln Center" is the brand-new 2-CD set from Sweet Honey in the Rock.

"We began discussing our next move, and started talking about the songs of Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln -- and our own personal emotional connection to their music," recalls Sweet Honey's Carol Maillard.

Sweet Honey came up with songs that more than one of the singers had recorded, and others that represented their mutual themes and messages.

Additionally, they had plenty of songs in their own copious catalog that they had either covered directly or had otherwise been inspired by the pioneering women they had chosen to honor.

This 2-disc collection includes political, civil rights, Africa-centered, and classic love songs.

Sweet Honey in the Rock's new double recording, here!

Sweet Honey in the Rock - A Tribute
Joan Armatrading - Starlight
Joan's all-new collection of 10 compositions highlights the artist's unequaled prowess as a singer and arranger.

Always the consummate songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Armatrading explores new vocal phrasing technique which add new emotional dimension and depth to her always incisive explorations of love and the human condition. The lively jazz-inflected musical arrangements serve to buoy the constantly shifting lyrical moods.

To top it all off, Joan produced and engineered the album, and plays every single instrument to spectacular effect.

Keep in touch with long-time favorite artists like Joan Armatrading ... at Ladyslipper Music by Women!

Joan Armatrading - Starlight
Toshi Reagon - There and Back Again
Toshi knows the power of song to focus, unite and mobilize people. If you've been lucky enough to be in Toshi's presence, you know you can't walk away from her without feeling better about yourself as a human being. She aims for nothing less.

This recording features guest artists Meshell Ndegeocello and Toshi's mom Bernice Johnson Reagon, as well as Big Lovely band mate Judith Casselberry on vocals and rhythm guitar.

New titles from Toshi Reagon to Tegan & Sara ... find fabulous works by women artists, at Ladyslipper!

Toshi Reagon - There and Back Again
Ladyslipper's #1 for 2012: Holly Near - Peace Becomes You
Bidding goodbye to winter and welcoming spring, we take some moments to reflect on the past year.

Ladyslipper's #1 seller for 2012 is Holly Near's 2-CD set, "Peace Becomes You."

Showcasing the wide expanse of Holly's stylistic virtuosity and her musical interests - love songs, standards, timely reflections on our world ... all with conscience, some with humor, all in her unique, strong voice - this reflective, tender, passionate, joyful, thoughtful collection of songs is sure to warm you heart and stir your soul.

Here's a recap of Musical News 2012 ... from Holly, to Hollers, to Holidays!

Holly Near - Peace Becomes You
Melanie DeMore's In the Mother House - & all Top 10 of 2012
First runner-up at #2 for 2012 is Melanie DeMore's "In the Mother House."

Melanie has a remarkable (and very, very low) voice - in the words of Linda Tillery, like warm melted butter - with which she weaves the fibers of African American folk music with soulful ballads, spirituals and her own original music. Deep not only in voice, but in emotional and spiritual resonance as well, the collection embodies the sacred on every level.

Representing both new releases and classic favorites, the other Top 10 winners for 2012 are (drumroll please):

#3 - Various Artists - Amazon 35
#4 - Various Artists - Radical Harmonies DVD
#5 - Barbara Higbie - Winter Joy
#6 - Laurie Lewis / Linda Tillery / Barbara Higbie - Hills to Hollers: Live!
#7 - Ferron - Girl on a Road DVD
#8 - Ferron - Boulder
#9 - Indigo Girls - Beauty Queen Sister
#10 - emma's revolution - Revolutions Per Minute

So many sounds to explore, all the top sellers & more ... at www.ladyslipper.org

Melanie DeMore - In the Mother House
Simone Dinnerstein & Tift Merritt's new collaboration - Night
This 2013 recording emerges at the crossroads of classical and folk music, where Simone Dinnerstein and singer-songwriter Tift Merritt join forces to meld their own voices.

Simone Dinnerstein (a Juilliard-trained classical pianist from Brooklyn - whose 2007 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations soared to #1 on Billboard's Classical Chart in its first week of sales) and Tift Merritt (a singer-songwriter from North Carolina whose father taught her to play by ear) could not come from more different musical backgrounds.

Yet together they create a work of deep and quiet beauty, sensitivity, and excellence ... a distinctive sonic landscape, molded from the imaginative artistry of two explorers seeking a common musical path.

Find Tift & Simone's NIGHT ... & so many more new & classic recordings by women ... at www.ladyslipper.org

Simone Dinnerstein & Tift Merritt - Night
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