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In This Issue: December 2015 
•   Margie Adam - Songwriter
•   Tracy Chapman - Greatest Hits
•   Tret Fure - Rembrandt Afternoons
•   How perfect - send a Ladyslipper Gift Certificate (or 2)!
•   Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power In the Blood
•   The 2016 Lunar Calendar
Margie Adam - Songwriter
Yay, at last! Here's an opportunity for a sweet stroll down Memory Lane... Margie's debut album has been remastered to 21st century sound standards, and finally re-issued in CD format to celebrate the 40th anniversaries of the National Women's Music Festival and Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

The CD features enduring favorites 'Best Friend-The Unicorn Song,' 'Beautiful Soul,' and 'Would You Like to Tapdance on the Moon?'

Supporting musicians include Meg Christian, Cris Williamson, Vicki Randle, Diane Lindsay, Kay Gardner, Linda Tillery and Woody Simmons. An essential recording for every long-time Women's Music fan's collection!

From the opening strains of the Women's Music & Culture Movement to the present ... all the best Music by Women at!

Margie Adam - Songwriter
Tret Fure - Rembrandt Afternoons
Tret's 2015 release, her 15th, is a stunning collection of heartfelt love songs, beautiful story songs and pertinent socially conscious songwriting, with strong acoustic melodies and of course, her signature guitar-playing.

This is a combination of classic Tret with creative new edgy music. She has pushed her boundaries in a compelling way - for fans old and new alike!

Choose from 2015's New Titles - from Adele to Enya, Tracy to Tret - here!

Tret Fure - Rembrandt Afternoons
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power In the Blood
Winner of the 2015 Polaris Music Prize, awarded to the Best Canadian album of the year! In the artist's own words:

"I've been traveling around the world for a long time, finding songs in my head like snapshots of how I feel about what I see and the people I meet. I've had the blues now and then, but I've had all the other colors too; what's remained consistent is my conclusion, which has always inspired my songs, that life is precious, diverse and worth protecting.

"Power in the Blood is my new album -- I wrote all but two songs -- which I recorded in Toronto with three different producers, who each made choices from my list of songs.

"There are 4 love songs, 3 social criticisms, 1 blues rocker, 2 songs positive-uppers, 1 campfire song, and a reboot of the title song off my first album, It's My Way!"

...Love songs, social criticisms, blues rockers, positive-uppers, campfire songs + debut originals - sounds like the recipe for Ladyslipper Music!

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power In the Blood
Tracy Chapman - Greatest Hits
This new collection brings together, for the first time, classic tracks from the artist's celebrated career that now spans 4 decades and includes 8 best-selling studio albums. Compiled by Tracy herself, the featured songs have also been newly remastered.

Since her eponymous debut in 1988, she has captivated audiences around the globe with her pure voice, evocative songs and intense spirit, and her ear for authenticity infuses these 18 tracks with a visceral and emotional resonance.

Rediscover why you first loved this artist almost 30 years ago, and have ever since!

Classic & New ... Holiday titles too ... at Ladyslipper!

Tracy Chapman - Greatest Hits
How perfect - send a Ladyslipper Gift Certificate (or 2)!
Ladyslipper Gift Certificates give your friends and loved ones the opportunity to choose from over 10,000 titles from the Ladyslipper Catalog of Music by Women.

From ancient women's drumming and circle chants, to Women's Music classics, to contemporary New Releases ... Ladyslipper always offers an amazing array of recordings by female musicians, which demonstrate the rich and varied culture women have created and inspired down through the centuries.

When you send a Ladyslipper Gift Certificate - email or paper - you can be sure that your gift will be perfect.

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Ladyslipper Music Gift Certificates
The 2016 Lunar Calendar
Dedicated to the Goddess in Her many guises, this is the original and archetypal lunar wall calendar, featuring new works by women artists, writers and poets.

With the months displayed as spirals, it contains splendid graphics, poetry and prose by celebrated luminaries, as well as comprehensive astronomical and astrological moon data and instructions, such as the moon's rise and set times and the visibility of the morning and evening stars... a rich synthesis of art, culture and science.

This Lunar Calendar (whose first edition appeared four decades ago) is almost as old as the moon herself ... as is Ladyslipper! We appreciate your continued support.

Find thousands of New & Classic Works by Women Artists ... at

The 2016 Lunar Calendar
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