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In This Issue: Summer 2014 
•   Ferron - Girl On a Road CD
•   Meg (Shambhavi) Christian - Just Love & Whatever It Takes
•   Jamie Anderson's New Memoir - Drive All Night
•   Linda Ronstadt - Duets
•   The late great Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama & Live at IMA
•   Angelique Kidjo - Eve
Ferron - Girl On a Road CD
This 2011 release is the soundtrack of the concert featured in the excellent documentary about Ferron by the same name, when she and the members of the band reunited for the first time in 10 years. Even if you've already seen the film, and of course if you haven't, you'll want to own this collection to play over and over.

The 11 tracks are live renditions of her very best-loved songs from her studio albums Testimony, Shadows On a Dime, Phantom Center, Driver and Turning Into Beautiful. Some tracks flow creatively into the next without pause, in this high-energy performance.

Even if you already own every other recording Ferron has ever made, you'll *still* want this CD ... because the arrangements are so luminous and evocative, and the chemistry between Ferron and band members is so palpable - especially the extraordinary instrumentalists Jami Sieber, DB Benedictson and Shelley Jennings. Highly recommended!

You'll also find Ferron's "Thunder and Lighten-ing" CD/DVD, plus her beloved classics "Testimony" & "Shadows on a Dime."

Find Ferron & all your Favorites - at www.ladyslipper.org

Ferron - Girl on a Road CD
Jamie Anderson's New Memoir - Drive All Night
Jamie's 2014 book is a funny, poignant and endearing memoir, spanning decades of this hard-working touring musician's life on the road.

If you're already a fan of her music, you're familiar with her wit, and you'll want to read her humorous and entertaining stories for the fuller picture of her life and times. (By the way, her favorite word is plethora.)

And if you happen to be an aspiring singer-songwriter, with illusions about the glamour of life on the road, you might want to read this too -- for a good dose of reality-check!

A Plethora of New CD's... and Literature for Music Fans too!

Jamie Anderson - Drive All Night (Book)
The late great Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama & Live at IMA
In 2014, we sadly lost another one of our Women's Music foremothers: vocalist/ keyboardist/ songwriter Gwen Avery.

Her 2000 recording "Sugar Mama" had been out-of-print for some years, but fortunately for us all, it has been brought back into print and is again available, so her music can live on.

Among Gwen's claims to fame from the Women's Music World of the mid-70's: her hit song, the out-and-proud "Sugar Mama," newly recorded for this album.

Expertly produced by Linda Tillery, this CD also features classic blues tracks like Thrill Is Gone; great gospel songs like Thomas A. Dorsey's Precious Lord, Take My Hand; the contemporary folk of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne; the balladry of Georgia On My Mind; Nina Simone's jazzy Sugar in My Bowl; and best of all, 6 soulful and woman-identified originals.

Also available, for the first time on CD: Gwen Avery "Live at IMA" - her debut solo recording, originally released in 1993 on cassette. In addition to her sexy and powerful songs, it includes spoken intros with biographical info about Gwen's early life. A must-have treasure for every Women's Music library.

New and Newly Available Classics, to inspire and sustain you - at Ladyslipper

Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama
Meg (Shambhavi) Christian - Just Love & Whatever It Takes
Speaking of classics returning to our universe... 'Just Love' is 10-song collection of original compositions by Shambhavi (Meg) Christian as well as graceful renderings of songs such as 'Lord Make Me an Instrument,' a powerful prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. Lyrical references to 'Lord', 'master', 'God' and 'Guru' are as often female as male.

Long-time fans will be pleased to hear Meg's gorgeous voice resonate and bend a phrase in familiar ways.

This classic recording is finally back in print and available at Ladyslipper! Also once available again from the artist: her CD "Whatever It Takes."

Re-kindle your early loves (of the musical persuasion, that is), and discover new ones, at Ladyslipper!

Meg Christian - Just Love
Linda Ronstadt - Duets
Over her multi-decade career, Linda has been known for her many exceptional collaborations, and this CD collects 14 of them on 1 disc.

Included are duets with Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton, Ann Savoy, Aaron Neville, James Taylor, a previously unreleased recording with Laurie Lewis, & more.

The artist recently made a public announcement that she has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, and is no longer able to sing. The CD release coincides with her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Celebrate Linda's illustrious career - & those of Carrie Newcomer, Sarah McLachlan, Rosanne Cash, Suzanne Vega, Loreena McKennitt, & Amy Ray!

Linda Ronstadt - Duets
Angelique Kidjo - Eve
"Dedicated to the Women of Africa - to their Resilience & their Beauty" - this 2014 release, named for the artist's own mother, is a 13-track set of melodically rich, rhythmically powerful expressions of female empowerment. The recording showcases the voices of women from Kenya, as well as her home country of Benin.

NPR has named her "Africa's greatest living diva." Some other accolades: "Africa's premier diva" (Time Magazine).
One of the "Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in the World" (The Guardian, UK). The first woman to be listed among "The 40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa" (Forbes Magazine).

If you're a fan, you'll want her new release. If you don't already know the music of Angelique, it's time to get acquainted!

A Wide World of Music by Women awaits you - at Ladyslipper!

Angelique Kidjo - Eve
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