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In This Issue: December 2014 
•   Yes, it's Time - The 2015 Lunar Calendar
•   Bette Midler - It's the Girls
•   Barbara Higbie - Scenes From Life
•   How perfect: Send a 'Slipper Gift Certificate (or 2)!
•   Ruthie Foster - Promise of a Brand New Day
•   Melissa Etheridge - It's M.E. ... & so much more - for You!
Yes, it's Time - The 2015 Lunar Calendar
Dedicated to the Goddess in Her many guises, this is the original and archetypal lunar wall calendar, featuring new works by women artists, writers and poets.

With the months displayed as spirals, it contains splendid graphics, poetry and prose by celebrated luminaries, as well as comprehensive astronomical and astrological moon data and instructions, such as the moon's rise and set times and the visibility of the morning and evening stars.

This perennial favorite is a rich synthesis of art, culture and science.

All the New of the Year - Music, Art & Moons - right here!

2015 Lunar Calendar
Barbara Higbie - Scenes From Life
From the Grammy-nominated, Bammy-winning pianist, composer and violinist comes a new 2014 recording of original instrumental music - featuring Joan Jeanrenaud, of Kronos Quartet fame, on cello.

It's her first full-length studio release since the birth of her daughter, 12 years ago -- making it an extra-special and long-awaited treat.

And it being that time of year and all, don't forget to order your copy of Barbara's gorgeous holiday CD, "Winter Joy."

Plus you'll find more from your all-time favorite artists at Ladyslipper: Ferron, Holly Near, Toshi Reagon, Cris Williamson, Sweet Honey, Lisa Thiel, Melanie DeMore, Alix Dobkin, Ubaka Hill, and the list goes on and on.

From New Releases to Essential Classics: find them on www.ladyslipper.org

Barbara Higbie - Scenes From Life
Ruthie Foster - Promise of a Brand New Day
From houses of worship to houses of blues, Ruthie Foster has always been a rafter-rattler. And with a soul-filled voice honed in Texas churches, she can move audiences to tears or ecstasy-- sometimes in a single song.

Produced by Michelle Ndegeocello, who also plays bass, Ruthie's 2014 release includes 12 songs in all, 7 of them written or co-written by Ruthie, and one song written by and featuring guest artist Toshi Reagon.

We promise you - the best New Music, for every New Day - here at Ladyslipper!

Ruthie Foster - Promise of a New Day
Bette Midler - It's the Girls
For her 25th album, Bette Midler has created a wonderful tribute to the fabulous Girl Groups of the 50's and 60's. If you're of the age, you will appreciate this opportunity to "Come and Get These Memories"!

Features 15 timeless songs, including classics from The Ronettes, The Chiffons, The Marvalettes, The Supremes, and more, including a duet with the great Darlene Love. (By the way, if you haven't seen the documentary film "20 Feet From Stardom," make it a point to do so, we recommend it!)

It's the Girls - making the best music in the universe, as always - here at Ladyslipper!

Better Midler - It's the Girls
How perfect: Send a 'Slipper Gift Certificate (or 2)!
Ladyslipper Gift Certificates give your friends and loved ones the opportunity to choose from over 15,000 titles from the Ladyslipper Catalog of Music by Women.

From ancient women's drumming and circle chants, to Women's Music classics, to contemporary New Releases ... Ladyslipper always offers an amazing array of recordings by female musicians, which demonstrate the rich and varied culture women have created and inspired down through the centuries.

When you send a Ladyslipper Gift Certificate - email or paper - you can be sure that your gift will be perfect.

Select your 'Slipper Certificates here!

Ladyslipper Gift Certirficates
Melissa Etheridge - It's M.E. ... & so much more - for You!
We take the opportunity every holiday season to celebrate the achievements and fabulosity of Women in Music. 2014 has brought us new titles from artists like Melissa Etheridge - "It's M.E." is her very first release on her own label! - as well as Angelique Kidjo, Sinead O'Connor, Lucinda Williams, Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter and others.

This year has also brought us re-releases of essential titles which have been out of print for too long - such as Gwen Avery's "Sugar Mama," Meg Christian's "Just Love," & Linda Ronstadt's "Duets," collected for the first time onto 1 disc.

As 2014 draws to a close, we look forward to 2015, a big year of 40th Anniversaries: National Women's Music Festival in July, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in August, and Ladyslipper begins our 40th year. So stay tuned for more info, and celebrate with us!

Visit us early, and often, at www.ladyslipper.org

Melissa Etheridge - This Is M.E.
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