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In This Issue: October 2013 
•   Ferron - Thunder & Lighten-ing: DVD + CD set
•   Jamie Anderson - Dare
•   Cris Williamson - Pray Tell: 2-CD Set
•   We'Moon 2014: Radical Balance - Spiral-Bound Datebook
•   Libana - Instrument of Peace
•   The 2014 Lunar Calendar
Ferron - Thunder & Lighten-ing: DVD + CD set
This 2013 double-disc package includes a 1-hour documentary about Ferron, and a new full album by Ferron.

THUNDER is an intimate portrait of Canadian folk-singer Ferron. Not your average documentary, it doesn't give us a timeline approach, nor does it tell Ferron's whole life story. Rather, it captures an honest and thoughtful window into the artist's thoughts, experiences, heart and soul.

LIGHTEN-ING is the accompanying CD, featuring both new and classic songs by Ferron.

Also includes a 32-page booklet with photos, reviews, poems and song lyrics - altogether an essential addition to every fan's library. Highly recommended!

Thunder right on over to Ferron's remarkable new release!

Ferron: Thunder & Lighten-ing DVD + CD
Cris Williamson - Pray Tell: 2-CD Set
In Cris' own words:

'Pray, Tell' is an antique phrase, basically meaning, 'do tell!' The word 'pray' embodies a kind of humble entreaty, encouraging communication. In that respect, I put the metaphorical bucket down in the metaphorical Well, pulled it up, and these pieces - most of them new - were in there.

'What began as a 12-song CD turned into a double CD of 24 songs. It's my hope that these songs will offer a space where the sacred can appear, where we may all be of One Mind, One Heart. I believe there is a deep mutual kinship, a consonance living in all the various forms of spirituality. This is what I pray. This is what I tell.'

Pray Tell - what are you waiting for?

Cris Williamson: Pray Tell (2-CD Set)
Libana - Instrument of Peace
This 2013 EP release is a meditative offering of 6 chants and rounds, inspired by diverse spiritual paths, reflecting the universal desire for openhearted peace.

The 23-minute journey through sacred space represents diverse spiritual traditions. Using the calming influence of song, mantra-like text and chant, these songs remind us of the peace that is available to us anywhere, anytime.

In the words of one listener: 'Your CD is now my favorite accompaniment to cooking! ........ like water for chocolate, like peace for salad, ahhh yesss!!'

Sublime music for your spirit, for your heart, for your soul ... and for your salad! At www.ladyslipper.org

Libana: Instrument of Peace
Jamie Anderson - Dare
With Jamie's 2013 collection of 14 originals, you get to enjoy many times over the fabulous songs you've hopefully heard in concert recently - and if you didn't, all the ones you unfortunately missed out on.

It includes everything from the title cut - a poignant pop/folk song about body image - to 'Run,' a country song of advice written with the help of her Facebook friends.

'Mamaw's Roses' is a tender folk ballad about her grandma and 'Black and White' is a thoughtful jazz number about growing older. And with 'Menopause Mambo,' she gives you excellent reasons to send her chocolate.

Check out New Titles from Jamie, Lisa Thiel, Sweet Honey, Tret, Melissa Ferrick, Sheryl Crow, & more - we Dare ya.

Jamie Anderson: Dare
We'Moon 2014: Radical Balance - Spiral-Bound Datebook
What, already? Yup, as the days shorten, many of us are already making plans into the New Year.

Subtitled Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, We'Moon 2014: Radical Balance is more than an appointment book, astrological moon calendar, spiritual guide, handbook in natural rhythm, and multi-cultural anthology of womyn.

It's a way of life: a creation of our international womyn's culture, interweaving art and writing from a whole-Earth, womyn-loving, lunar perspective through the 13 Moons of the year.

Includes week-at-a-glance, daily astrological aspects, complete ephemerides (with asteroids) and full color art by fabulous women artists throughout!

Don't be late, make a date - with your We'Moon!

We'Moon 2014: Radical Balance - Spiral Bound Datebook
The 2014 Lunar Calendar
Dedicated to the Goddess in Her many guises, this is the original and archetypal lunar wall calendar, featuring new works by women artists, writers and poets.

With the months displayed as spirals, it contains splendid graphics, poetry and prose by celebrated luminaries, as well as comprehensive astronomical and astrological moon data and instructions, such as the moon's rise and set times and the visibility of the morning and evening stars... A rich synthesis of art, culture and science.

This Lunar Calendar (whose first edition appeared almost 4 decades ago) is almost as old as the moon herself ... as is Ladyslipper! We appreciate your continued support.

Find thousands of New & Classic Works by Women Artists ... at www.ladyslipper.org

2014 Lunar Calendar
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