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In This Issue: Summer Solstice 2013 
•   Lisa Thiel - Songs of Healing
•   Shawna Carol's ChantMagic
•   Tret Fure - A Piece of the Sky
•   Sweet Honey's tribute to Miriam, Nina, Odetta, & Abbey
•   Melissa Ferrick - The Truth Is
•   Jami Sieber - Timeless
Lisa Thiel - Songs of Healing
Just in time to celebrate Summer comes a gorgeous new CD from Lisa Thiel. It's a retrospective which includes many favorites from Lisa's out-of-print cassette titles, plus two brand new songs.

These are songs which have brought healing and inspiration to many over the years -- including the artist herself. She shares them in hopes they will bring the same experience to all who listen.

See the full track listing for Lisa Thiel's Songs of Healing, & order yours today!

Lisa Thiel - Songs of Healing
Tret Fure - A Piece of the Sky
This 2013 release, Tret's 14th body of work, is a continuation of her personal journey through life and time. She celebrates starting over and letting go, as she shares her songs about love and loss... about dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia... and about the qualities of aging.

The arrangements are crisp and poignant, and the words poetic and universal, on this collection of compositions stylistically ranging from ballad to country waltz to rocker. Supporting musicians include ace guitarists Pamela Means and June Millington.

New titles from Tret Fure, Angelique Kidjo, Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, Patty Griffin & others!

Tret Fure - A Piece of the Sky
Melissa Ferrick - The Truth Is
Recorded live with a full band and produced by Ferrick, the album marks a creative departure for the artist in its collaborative approach, and an evolution in the sound she has developed over the course of her expansive career.

The album features the talents of Natalia Zukerman on vocals, Anne Heaton and Rose Polenzani on backing harmonies, and Paula Cole as guest vocalist.

As fans will expect, Melissa explores personal, emotional territory, documenting the end of one relationship and the subsequent beginnings of another.

Music that's good, and good for you - from Melissa Ferrick & more!

Melissa Ferrick - The Truth Is
Shawna Carol's ChantMagic
Many of you already know and love Shawna Carol's CD recording Goddess Chant, on the Ladyslipper Music label. (If not, check it out - at www.ladyslipper.org )

Her current project, ChantMagic, is a subscription-based service. An annual subscription includes:

* An original ChantMagic chant delivered to your inbox every month 12 in total

* The written music and chords so you can sing, play along, share with your community and create your own song circles

* A channelled reading about the spiritual teaching the chant represents

But wait... there's more! For a limited time, you'll also receive her eBook "Spirit Singing: Awaken to the Power of Your Voice" ... plus a special audio initiating you into the practice of SpiritSong ... plus background music tracks to help you create your own SpiritSong.

To learn more about Shawna Carol's ChantMagic, click here!

Shawna Carol's ChantMagic
Sweet Honey's tribute to Miriam, Nina, Odetta, & Abbey
"Live - Jazz at Lincoln Center" is the new 2-CD set from Sweet Honey in the Rock.

"We began discussing our next move, and started talking about the songs of Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln -- and our own personal emotional connection to their music," recalls Sweet Honey's Carol Maillard.

This title was featured in the Springtime issue of Ladyslipper eNews, along with recordings from Joan Armatrading, Toshi Reagon and more!

Just in case you missed our last issue ... read all about it!

Sweet Honey in the Rock - Tribute-Live! Jazz at Lincoln Center
Jami Sieber - Timeless
This 2013 release by visionary cellist Jami Sieber is a transmission of pure stillness, sacredness and prayer. Layer upon layer of cello transport the listener into a world without clocks or calendars, where stress and striving dissolve, the heart melts open, and the walls that separate us from each other, nature, and our own self-love magically crumble.

The recording conveys a powerful presence that goes beyond the haunting melodies and velvety striations of cello and voice. It invokes a realm where inner experience -- be it meditation, massage, movement, or stillness -- is deepened and intensified. This is powerful musical medicine.

Powerful musical medicine that's Timeless ... what you'll find in abundance, at Ladyslipper!

Jami Sieber - Timeless
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