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Taking Chances is an English language studio album by Canadian singer Céline Dion, released on November 7, 2007 on CD and CD/DVD.. Retrieved August 24, 2007. It is her 13th English album and 35th in total. The collector's edition which includes CD, DVD and perfume in special package, was released in December 2007 in North America


Céline Dion worked with many different producers for this album, mainly on pop and rock songs. The tracks were recorded mostly during Dion's summer holiday, between July 2 and August 15, 2007.. Retrieved June 22, 2007. At the Juno Awards of 2008 Dion was nominated in categories: Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year and Fan Choice Award. The next year, at the Juno Awards of 2009 her song "Taking Chances" was nominated as a Single of the Year and again she was nominated in category Fan Choice Award.


The first single, "Taking Chances" was written by Kara DioGuardi and David A. Stewart from Eurythmics, and produced by Grammy Award-winner John Shanks. It was recorded in April 2007.. Retrieved September 12, 2007. Shanks also produced five other songs on Taking Chances. "Alone" is a power ballad written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, and originally recorded by American band Heart. It became a worldwide hit in 1987. Dion's cover version was produced by Ben Moody, ex-member of Evanescence. It was released as the second single in Europe and North America, and third in the United Kingdom. Moody also co-wrote and co-produced "This Time," which is about breaking free from a partner's abuse, an atypical subject for Dion's songs.. Retrieved September 11, 2007.. Retrieved October 4, 2007. "Eyes on Me" is a Middle Eastern-flavored song written by Kristian Lundin, Savan Kotecha and Australian singer Delta Goodrem, and produced by Lundin.. Retrieved July 29, 2007. It was released as the second single in the UK and third in some European countries.

The new version of "A World to Believe In," recorded as a duet with Yuna Ito was issued in January 2008 as the second single in Japan.. Retrieved November 17, 2007. Linda Perry wrote and produced two songs on Taking Chances. "My Love" was written especially for Dion, but "New Dawn" is a gospel track originally recorded by Perry on her After Hours album. Dion worked also on two songs with R&B producers: American singer Ne-Yo co-wrote and co-produced "I Got Nothin' Left." He also co-wrote Beyoncé Knowles' hit song "Irreplaceable." "Skies of L.A." was co-written by The-Dream and co-produced by Christopher 'Tricky' Stewart and Kuk Harrell. These three are responsible for Rihanna's 2007 hit "Umbrella" among others.

"Right Next to the Right One" was originally written and recorded by Tim Christensen in 2002 and became a hit in Denmark. Dion's cover version was produced by Christopher Neil. Although not released as a single, it entered the Danish Singles Chart on November 23, 2007 at number 13, due to strong digital downloads. "That's Just the Woman in Me" is a blues-flavoured track recorded by Katrina and the Waves, written by Kimberley Rew in the 80s, which remained unreleased until 2003. Dion's version was produced by John Shanks. "Map to My Heart" and "The Reason I Go On" are two bonus tracks included on the Japanese CD and iTunes version of Taking Chances. "Let Me Be Your Soldier" was also recorded during the Taking Chances sessions but wasn't included on the album. It was retitled "There Comes a Time" and included on the next project My Love: Essential Collection.


In October and November 2007, Céline Dion started promoting Taking Chances in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany) and United States. On December 22, 2007, ITV aired An Audience with Celine Dion in the United Kingdom.. Retrieved March 15, 2008. The success of this television special lead to That's Just The Woman In Me.. Retrieved March 15, 2008. This special aired on February 15, 2008 on the CBS network in the United States and was broadcast also in Canada on CTV. Dion visited France again in January 2008. On February 14, 2008, she started her worldwide Taking Chances Tour in South Africa. After visiting five continents, the tour ended in February 2009.. Retrieved June 16, 2007.

Critical reception

Upon its release, the album received mixed to average reviews from most music critics, based on an aggregate score of 53/100 from Metacritic.. Metacritic. Retrieved on 2011-03-09. Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic rated it 3 stars and said that Taking Chances "It's an album of its time: it offers extravagance in the guise of self-help, which can be alluring in doses--especially those bizarre blues-rockers--but it's just too much of a very expensive yet not particularly tasteful thing. The Billboard review said that: "Packing an emotional wallop, Chances should quash critics who insist that Dion's voice is stainless steel". Sarah Rodhman from the Boston Globe commented that: "Are chances taken? Not many, but there are rewards if you're willing to enjoy Dion's precise vocalizing and the hooky songs." The Entertainment Weekly review saw that: "It's cool that Dion can mimic everyone from Shakira to Sam Phillips...but her appalling Janis Joplin impression is a Chance too far." Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine opined that: "The laborious 16-track record purportedly finds the queen of adult contemporary-turned-Vegas attraction taking chances by modernizing her treacly power ballad sound with lots of overdubbed guitars and of-the-moment collaborators". The Amazon.com review was positive, saying that: "As far as standard Celine fare goes, in fact, Chances is likely her strongest non-French outing since 2002's "A New Day Has Come;" nobody unfolds a lyric with more care or nuance." The NOW (magazine) review, expressed that: "The album is also comfortably ignorant of the times. With its feathery production and common pop arrangements, it could have come out in 1996". Edna Gundersen from USA Today said that: "With Chances, the diva seems to be stretching artistic muscles, yoga-style not aerobically, and seeking an escape from expectations". Ashante Infantry from Toronto Star conclued that: "Taking Chances, Dion's 10th album, finds her doing just that. With an obvious reach for contemporary radio, Dion padded the efforts of longtime collaborators with in-the-now hitmakers: Ne-Yo, Linda Perry and Ben Moody, who co-wrote the self-empowering anthem "This Time" about an abused woman breaking free. The result is an edgier rock sound that won't alienate loyal fans, but may engage some new ones".

Chart success

According to IFPI, the album had shipped 3.1 million copies by the end of 2007, becoming the 19th best selling album that year while released in November. To date, it has sold over 4 million copies worldwide. It is certified gold in many countries, and platinum or multi-platinum in many others.

The success of the album is particularly remarkable in Canada where it reached number 1 on the chart with the biggest first week sales of 2007 (80,000). It also became the best-selling album in Canada that year and was certified 4x platinum. In the United States, Taking Chances debuted at number 3 with sales of 214,556 copies and has sold 1,065,000 copies in total. It was certified platinum by the RIAA. Taking Chances reached top 10 in many countries, including number 1 position in Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, on the European Top 100 Albums and the U.S. Billboard Top Internet Albums charts.

Charts and certifications



Release history

:Physical releases:

* 16-track CD edition.. Retrieved August 29, 2007.

* 18-track CD edition (Japan only).

* CD/DVD deluxe edition - includes 16-track CD and DVD with the highlights from Live in Las Vegas - A New Day... and an exclusive sneak preview from the show.* Taiwanese CD/DVD deluxe edition - includes 16-track CD and DVD with the highlights from Live in Las Vegas - A New Day... and an exclusive sneak preview from the show. It also includes five postcards with Dion's photos.

* CD/DVD/Perfume collector's edition - includes 16-track CD and DVD with the highlights from Live in Las Vegas - A New Day... and an exclusive sneak preview from the show. All in special, one of a kind packaging, which also includes 16 panel photo album and bottle of Dion's new fragrance Enchanting. This special package was designed by Céline Dion.

* CD/DVD Wal-Mart exclusive 2-pack - includes 16-track CD and DVD Taking Chances: The Sessions with behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album.. Retrieved August 29, 2007.

* 2CD Costco exclusive longbox - includes 16-track CD and bonus CD with 8 of Dion's biggest hits.

* Chinese CD edition - includes 16-track CD in a keep case.

:Digital releases:

* iTunes standard version - includes 16 audio tracks.

* iTunes bonus track version - includes 17 audio tracks (with "Map to My Heart") and a digital booklet. "The Reason I Go On" was available as a pre-order bonus track only.

* 2007 iTunes deluxe version - includes 17 audio tracks (with "Map to My Heart"), 4 videos from Live in Las Vegas - A New Day... and a digital booklet. "The Reason I Go On" was available as a pre-order bonus track only.

* 2008 iTunes deluxe version - includes 19 audio tracks with "Immensité," Map to My Heart" and "Taking Chances" (I-Soul extended remix).

In popular culture

Two tracks, "Alone" and "Taking Chances", were covered in the 2009 television series Glee and included on the Glee: The Music, Volume 1. "Alone" was performed on the series as a duet between characters portrayed by Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison while "Taking Chances" was performed by Lea Michele's character.


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